About Us

The GSS Group is renowned for driving innovation and developing best-in-class technical solutions that meet the bespoke needs of our wide-ranging customers who span across more than 90 countries around the world. Demonstrating its commitment to innovation and world-leading industry-approved solutions, the Group established its own R&D division, GFE TEC in 2013.

Today, GFE TEC works closely with our global customer base, imparting the technical skills, expertise and knowledge of our engineers while, at the same time, investing heavily in the development of cutting-edge fire detection systems and emergency lighting solutions that will meet the constantly evolving needs of the markets in which we operate.

Our rigorous testing processes at our European manufacturing facility, located in the Algarve region of Portugal, allow us to develop products that are fully certified to both European and international standards. Thanks to the vast technical expertise of GFE TEC, the GSS Group’s customers can be guaranteed of products and solutions that are both functionally resilient and exceptionally reliable.